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Frets on fire icon

APP NAME Frets on Fire Open Source game like Guitar Hero FoFiX (Frets on Fire X). Free song downloads for Frets on Fire, synchronized by Daniel Schmidt. Feel free Portable Software/USB Icon. Portable. Feature, Value, Vanilla, RF-Mod, FoFiX, Explanation. album, Text, No, No* icon , "Value", No, No, Yes, Sets icon to use for song title. "Value", one of: rb1,rb2.

Frets on Fire Wiki Archive. Frets on Fire Wiki Archives - All original Frets on Fire related support information located here. The original game Frets On Fire provides: . Sets icon to use for song title icon values: rb1, rb2, rbdlc, rbtpk, gh1, gh2, gh2dlc, gh3, gh3dlc. Popular Alternatives to Frets on Fire for Windows, Android, Android Tablet, Mac, iPhone and more. Explore 21 games like Frets on Fire, all suggested and.

My wife really likes the open-source Guitar Hero Clone Frets on Fire so for today's 45 minute creation I threw together a rough icon for the App.