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Pikachus island adventure

Pikachu's Island Adventure (Japanese: ピカチュウのわんぱくアイランド Pikachu's Naughty Island) is the 17th Pikachu short of the Pokémon anime. This short first. Pikachu no Wanpaku Island (original title). 21min | Animation Known As: Pikachu's Island Adventure See more» Lyrics by Pikachu Liberal Arts Department. After hearing Wynaut's story, Pikachu and the others decide to help them take back their playground, and begin to train them, so that they can rescue their island.

Hariyama ハリテヤマ Hariteyama Pokémon information Type: fighting Debut: Pikachu's Island Adventure This Hariyama is a fighting -type Pokémon that. Find the latest news, discussion, and photos of Pokemon - Pikachus Island Adventure online now. This is a list of episodes in the second season of the Pokémon.